Common Problems with Gas Boilers

Common Problems with Gas Boilers

In this article we are going to look at the most common problems with gas boilers.

  1. You have no hot water or heat
  2. The boiler drips or leaks
  3. Boiler makes odd noises
  4. Your pilot light keeps going out
  5. Boiler keeps losing pressure

There are a lot of benefits to having a gas boiler. It is probably one of the most important systems in the house. When its working we tend not to even think about it. But over time your boiler is going to either under perform or break down all together. At Gas Fast we have been installing boilers for over 14 years. We know that while it is possible that the issue you are having with your boiler could be something out of the ordinary, the majority of the time the issue you are having with your boiler is more common.  Some issues you can fix yourself quite easily but others it would be advisable to get a qualified and Gas Safe Registered engineer to fix the issue.

Here are what we have found to be the five most common problems with gas boilers.

You Have No Hot Water or Heat

If you are not getting any hot water or heat coming from your radiator then your gas boiler is not doing its job. There are a few potential causes to look out for when this happens:

  • A diaphragm or airlock is broken
  • There is a low level of water.
  • There may be something wrong with the thermostat.
  • One of the motorised valves has failed.

The first thing to do is to check your thermostat. Ensure it hasn’t been turned right down, how embarrassing would that be when the engineer turned up.  Also you can check the boiler pressure to see if that is the problem. If you can’t find the problem or you have and aren’t sure how to fix it then your next step would be to contact your local heating engineer.

Drips or Leaks

If your boiler is dripping or leaking then that is an obvious sign of a potentially more serious problem, and a problem that you should not be trying to solve yourself, a roll of duct tape will not fix this one.  Leaks and drips are often caused by a broken pressure valve or pump seal, but there could be other reasons, especially if your boiler has been fitted for a number of years. A lot of times the leaks and drips can be repaired but again depending on the age of your boiler it might be more beneficial to have a new boiler installed.

Boiler Makes Odd Noises

One of the most noticeable of the boiler problems, is that your boiler will start to make strange noises, such as gurgling or banging. This issue is called kettling which is generally caused by either debris from corrosion or limescale becoming baked onto the inside surfaces of the boilers heat exchanger. Once again this is not something that you should be trying to fix yourself. Provided that the heat exchanger has not become too scaled up or damaged the your local heating engineer should be able to fix it as before depending on the age of your boiler getting a new boiler installed might be more cost effective.

Pilot Light Has Gone Out

This fix seems pretty obvious, just relight it. But, before you do relight it you should check the boiler first to see if there is a more serious problem causing the problem.

It could be due to nothing more sinister than a strong draught blowing it out. However the pilot light can also be extinguished by:

  • A build-up of residue on the light itself
  • A broken thermocouple, the sensor that is used to measure temperature.

If after following the manufacturer’s instructions on how to relight the pilot light, it doesn’t light or keeps going out then you need to call out your local gas boiler engineer.

Boiler Has A Loss Of Pressure

Your boiler may have lost pressure, this could be an indication of a problem with your central heating system. You might have noticed some of the other issues mentioned here before you see this. To check the pressure of your boiler, simply find the gauge and make sure that it is over 1. If it is not, then this usually means that there is a leak somewhere in your system.

The first thing to do is to check all of the valves on your radiators to make sure that none of them are leaking or dripping. If they are, tighten them up as required.

Alternatively, if you have recently had to bleed your radiators then this could be the cause of low pressure. This can be rectified by topping up the water levels in the filling loop.

If none of the above apply then it’s time to contact a certified engineer. It could mean the pressure relief valve needs replacing or there is another issue with your system.

There are the 5 most common problems with gas boilers that our team of heating engineers are called out to regularly. If you are having any issues with your gas boiler remember always be safe. Only get a qualified and Gas Safe Registered engineer to com and fix your boiler. If you live in the Leeds or Wakefield areas of West Yorkshire and need a heating engineer, give us a call on 0800 0337707. Alternatively visit our Leeds Boiler Installation page for more information.