How To Get a Free Boiler

How To Get a Free Boiler

How To Get A Free Boiler

In Partnership with Heating 4 Free

We’ve teamed up with our friends at ‘Heating 4 Free’ to let you know how to get a free boiler! Since 2013, over 3 million energy-saving measures have been installed with 23% of them being free boilers.

Getting a free boiler is simple, easy and really quick. You can only get a free boiler and installation if you’re eligible under the ‘ECO Scheme‘, which focuses on helping those who are vulnerable in society or that are on benefits.

What is the ‘ECO Scheme’?
The ECO (Energy Company Obligation) Scheme is a UK government framework introduced in partnership with Ofgem in 2013. It’s goal is to reduce the amount of old non-energy efficient boilers in the country and to reduce UK fuel poverty, which usually affects our eldest citizens the most. 

How is it Free?
Whenever a free boiler is installed under the ECO Scheme, the government will pay for the full cost of installation and the boiler, leaving you to pay absolutely nowt! 

So, can I get a Free Boiler now?
Yes! If you’re eligible that is. To be eligible for a free boiler, you need to be able to claim one under the ECO Scheme (don’t worry, we do this part for you). 

Before you can receive a free boiler, you need to check your eligibility, which you can do by completing the online quick & easy eligibility checker – you’ll then receive an email or quick call from a UK boiler expert to check the rest of the details. 

Like we said before, it’s completely free – you don’t have to make an account, no credit card details – it’s genuinely 100% free and government backed.

I don’t think I’ll be eligible, can I still get a Free Boiler?
It’s still worth a shot – it takes a few minutes to check and it doesn’t cost anything either. You could have a brand new boiler with a smart thermostat installed within 24hrs – all for free. I’d take my chances and just check, if I were you.