Broken Boiler? Here’s What To Do

Broken Boiler? Here’s What To Do

Having a Broken Boiler can be dangerous and make your home cold. Learn exactly what to do in this easy step-by-step article.

Here's How To Fix a Broken Boiler

How To Check If Your Boiler Is Broken

Don’t panic if your boiler is broken – check if you can smell gas, if you can, you need to call 0800 111 999 immediately. If you can’t smell any gas, let’s check and see if your boiler is doing any of the following:

  • Making Odd/Loud Noises
  • Boiler is Rattling or Knocking
  • Leaks or Dripping from Boiler
  • Boiler has Pressure
  • Flashing lights or warning signs on Boiler

Having a boiler that is broken can affect a number of different things in your home, such as:

If your boiler breaks, it’s really important that you fix it fast. Fixing your boiler can be an urgent issue if it breaks down during Winter (49% of boilers break down in Winter).

Sometimes, the best cure is prevention – and switching your boiler for a newer one is safer and cheaper.

Getting your boiler fixed costs an average of £940 and can take seven days. It can be free if you have boiler cover.

Gas Fast can fix or replace your boiler with the lowest prices available and can be with you within 24hrs.

Woman with ear plugs boiler loud noises

Boiler is Making Loud Noises

Visit your boiler room / cupboard and listen to your boiler and see if you can hear any knocking, vibrating or rattling. 
If you can hear any of those noises, your boiler could be broken. You can call Gas Fast 0800 033 7707 to get your boiler checked.

You can learn more about loud noises from your boiler from this dedicated article. 

Boiler is Leaking

A leaking boiler is a clear sign that your boiler is broken. Leaks can cause damage to your home, other boiler components and electrics. You should look for a replacement boiler, fix it urgently or call 0800 033 7707.

You can learn more about leaking boilers from this dedicated article.

No Pressure with Boiler

Low pressure issues can be a nightmare. If your boiler experiences low pressure problems, the system can cut out, leaving you with no heating and with no hot water either. Having no or low pressure in your heating system can be extremely frustrating. If your system keeps cutting out, then you should call experts on 0800 033 7707.

You can learn more about pressure issues from this dedicated article.

Warning Signs & Flashing Lights on Boiler

Flashing lights don’t always mean that your boiler is broken, but it could be a warning sign that a major issue is waiting to happen. If you are unsure of warning signs or lights on your boiler, you should always contact a Gas Safe Engineer by calling 0800 033 7707.

You can learn more about flashing lights on boilers from this dedicated article.

Are you without Heating or Hot Water?

Not having access to heat is a serious issue. If your boiler is broken or not working, you should get this fixed ASAP. You can contact a gas safe engineer on 0800 033 7707. Making sure that your home is warm is a top priority and you should always expect a rapid service (24hrs – 48hrs). 

If you’re a tenant in a rented property, you should contact your landlord immediately so that they can resolve the issue. Your landlord should have gas safe engineers respond rapidly to your home to make sure everything is safe and working properly.